Davido Recorded ”A Better Time” Album in 14 Days

It is no news that the much anticipated Davido’s “A Better Time” album has been released. From the reactions all over social media, one would see that Davido’s fans in their own part are so fulfilled with the newly released album and can not get enough of it.

However, what most of the people hyping the song and vibing to it do not know is that Davido recorded the songs months ago before it’s release. It took the celebrity musician, Davido foudten6days to record the vocals.

Davido disclosed this in a tweet he made some time ago on Twitter.

In his words, “We recorded “A Better Time” in fourteen days”.

It might interest you to know that Davido in an earlier sit-down with Complex, revealed that he didn’t plan to record any album in 2020. He said he had other plans set for him to tour the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic spoilt his plans and he had no other option to choose.

Like he said, “The pandemic had a lot to do with it because I was on tour, which I had to stop. If I was on tour, I’m not sure I would’ve had time to really record but being in Lagos, at home, I was recording and recording so many songs and it ended up being really good. It took about two or three months but when I first started recording it, I had no plan, I just wanted to have fun with it”.