5 Nigerian Celebrities, You’ve Never Imagined That They Are Twins.

We decided to drop this so you all can know all the Twins in the Nigerian Entertainment space.

You will be shocked at the end as you won’t believe they are Twins at all, they don’t even look like Twins.

Let’s go 👇

1. Kehinde Bankole

She is a popular Nollywood Actress who is known for her beauty and ravishing smile.

Everybody would wonder why she is called Kehinde as she is rarely seen with her twin.

They are not identical in any way but you can tell they have many things in common.

2. Eniola Ajao

She is fondly known for roles in Yoruba movies. She posted a picture on her Instagram page on her birthday revealing her twin sister and wishing themselves happy birthday thereafter.

The whole world was shocked to know she was a Twin. In fact, many would have gambled if this was coming from someone else other from the beautiful actress herself 😲😲

3. Eku Edewor

She is a television presenter, actress, and a model.

Eku and her twin sister Kessiana are identical and you can hardly tell which is Eku. They were both born in London and raised in Nigeria.

4. Mary Lazarus

She is one of Nollywood’s fast-rising actress who has been doing well for herself in the movie industry, the movie star has a twin brother called Joseph.

Who would have thought or even imagine Mary was a twin? I’m shocked to know I swearuu God.

5. Elozonam

He is an actor, model and he is one of the cast members in BBN season 4.

He has a twin brother called Kanso who is not so much in the limelight.

Shocked right? Na so me self open mouth when I was posting this ooo 😭😭

The End!