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Tears as Female Fish Farmer Loses More than 120, 000 Catfishes to Flood in Anambra state (Photos)

Undoubtedly, one of the sectors that help to boost the economy of a state or a political district is agriculture. This is because food and feeding is one thing humans can not do with out. Food being one of the basic amenities for human survival is solely important just as it is primary.

Many countries hugely invest in Agriculture. These countries in turn, get huge profits as they export agricultural products.

There has been a painful story of a young female entrepreneur who lost her means of livelihood to flood in Nibo, a town in Awka south Local Government Area of Anambra state. This female farmer whose name is Cassandra Oma ndulue, is the founder of Ndulue Farms and Fisheries. Ndulue Farms is a Catfish farm which is rated as the biggest fish farm around Awka, the state’s capital and its environs. Prior to the flood, this farm has been known for extensive fish farming.

It is important to note that this farm held a capacity of 90,000 to 120,000 catfishes in each cycle of production with over fifteen employees. This alone helps in poverty alleviation and decrease in unemployment as the management of this farm in their own way, provides employment to the few unemployed.

Sadly, this farm was lost to flood. It is painful to note that this farm is an investment of over fifty million naira.

According to statistics, Anambra state has the highest demand for catfish in all of the southeastern states. The main reason for this is because there are over four hundred hotels and thousands of restaurants and bars where fishes are consumed especially as barbecue, popularly known as “point and kill”. This alone makes the demand for catfish in Anambra exceedingly high.

Though, unfortunately, there are just very few functional fish farms within the state, fish farms like Ndulue farms has been functioning and living up to expectations.

Sadly, this hardworking female entrepreneur has lost her means of livelihood to flood and over fifteen employees are now out of job adding to the increasingly number of unemployment in the state.


What should be done about? What is the best solution? This is saddening as it is heart wrenching and matters like this should be handled by the government. Agriculture and entrepreneurship is unarguably important.