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See Photos of What a Pharmacy in Ibadan Did to Contain the Spread of the Coronavirus

Everyone has been happy and the internet has been commending a Pharmacist after a Twitter user by name @Tobbsticks took to Twitter to post photos and say what he saw at a popular pharmacy in Ibadan when he went to buy nose mask there.

The name of the pharmacy is Kunle Ara and from what is seen, they are applying precautionary and preventive measures of distancing by drawing white boxes far from each other on the ground for people to stand on as the queue. This is because, according comments on the Twitter post, there is always a multitude of people at the pharmacy who always queue crowded. So the separate boxes on the ground will help to distance each customer from the other, which will in turn curb and curtail the spread of the pandemic.

This is really fantastic and commendable. It shows that the pharmacists and owners of the pharmacy are educated and they have the best interest of their customers and Nigeria as a whole at heart.

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