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See Photos of the Nigerian Pharmacist Who Distributed Free Hand Sanitizers to Doctors and Nurses

Yes. There are still angels on earth. Good people still exist. Angels in human form who are here to make the world a better place.

It is only during the hard times that one can determine who is for or against him.

The Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria has really shown the love humans have for one another. Who wants and who does not want to see his neighbor live.

  1. Since the first recorded case in Nigeria, many men and women of goodwill have moved into actions so proactive to help the suffering populace. Some go about sensitizing the ignorant citizens on the dangers of the Virus while some share free health care equipments to people to help curb the spread of the dreaded virus.

Not long ago, photos and updates surfaced on Twitter. A medical practicioner, Pharm. Judith Sokei swerved into actions to produce in large quantities, hand sanitizers and spray formulations which they shared to the doctors and nurses working in the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research, NIMR.

Below is the post as it appeared on Twitter.

What do you have to say about this angel of a nurse who is contributing her own quota to lessen the spread of the Virus? Drop a word of prayer for her.