RIP PROF. JAMES ADICHIE!! Chimamanda Adichie looses Her 88 Year Father

One out of the renowned writing family of ADICHIE!

Prof. James Adichie who was the father of Chimamanda Adichie dies at the age of 88.

Prof. was also a renowned writer-cum-feminist was reported to have taken his last breath on the night of Wednesday, having struggled with illness.

Chimamanda had recently recounted how her father had lost everything he owned, during the Biafran war.

“I didn’t choose to write about Biafra. Biafra chose me. My family survived the war. My parents lost everything they owned. My brother, Chucks was born during the war,” she had narrated.

“I would say that my family’s trajectory was sharply divided and changed by the war. For me, there was before the war, and after the war. I was born seven years after the war ended. But I always felt that it was present in our lives. Both of my grandfathers died in it and I grew up hearing about them. I think I just have always wanted to make sense of this part of my history.”