Photos of Church Women Praying Against Coronavirus on the Road Surfaces Online

There is trouble in the land!

This is more than an Epidemic and if not properly managed, it is going to wipe out the entire human race. Nigeria is currently undergoing a hard time right now and we need to bring out all our strength and fight against this virus with what ever we have.

With the current news about having close to 40 cases in the country and our leaders also testing positive to this virus, it is now a serious cause for alarm. This virus does not know class or have respect for anybody. It hits anybody it Comes across with and in the world today, they have been thousands of death recorded already. 

In the picture below we can see some women rolling on the floor while praying that mercy be restored to the nation and coronavirus wiped out completely. Looking at the picture you can see that there is no joy among them. They just want everything to to be alright once again