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“Lucy of BBNaija was my Classmate. She was a Roasted Plantain Seller Before BBNaija” – Lady Claims

One industry that generates very high revenue is the entertainment industry. Unarguably, everyone loves entertainment. Everyone wants to kill boredom. No one loves a dull moment. Entertainment is that one thing that lifts the souls and eases it off stress and depression.

In Nigeria, the celebrities that are always on the news are mostly those in the entertainment industry. They always produce trending contents to talk about. This way, Nigerians love them and go extra miles to defend that which they stand for. Entertainment is no doubts, a joy giver. A soul lifter too.

Currently, the popular show known as Big Brother Naija has been trending. For the past three weeks, this show has been the talk of the day. Everyone talks about it. People would always talk about the housemates, the drama, the affairs going on and the fun. Everything about the show is a topic to be discussed.

This show, which houses twenty male and female adults in a house for ten weeks, is one that is so dramatic as it is entertaining. This youths always stand a chance to be evicted on a weekly basis. Any housemates that is evicted gets to leave the house for other housemates to continue.

Lucy being the first head of house, has been on the news for being dramatic, authoritative and antisocial. Seeing house she plays the senior lady rules, most people see her as boring. This alone gave her much fans and makes her trend more.

An Igbo Lady, Adanna Akudo Ezirim, took to her Facebook page to talk about Lucy. She said that Lucy was her long time classmate and friend in secondary who was very endearing.

In her words; “Lucy and I were classmates, same secondary school but different houses. She was actually a year ahead but had to repeat a class so we became mates. I wasn’t close to her but I admired how she bonded with her new class and set”.

To her, Lucy is one of the most positive humans she ever met. Talking about Lucy, she said that she was very friendly and sociable. She also said that Lucy became an orphan at age 13 and since then has had to hustle to survive.

Having talked about how endearing she is, she went on to disclose that Lucy survived on selling roasted plantain an oil on the street in Abuja.


What do you think about this? Do you believe these claims by this lady? Are you a fan of Lucy? What do you think about her character in the house?