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15-Year Old Boy Appointed King in Ondo State

First all we have to consider traditions and culture in this scenario but off course time and age as flew by so fast so they probably must have a reason why they made him King.

It’s must have been he’s the next in line like he’s the first song of his father and hence the coronation but it’s very normal for the eldest son to be the next King after his father.


But the question I am asking now is isn’t he too young, I mean he has school and other things to do so why make him King at such a tender age. We are not living in the old age and even then I haven’t heard anyone crowned King except for Bible characters I’ve read.


Aside from that I haven’t heard any of recent at Least they should have let him be of age before this appointment he’s still has a big future ahead of him why handing a responsible as hard as being a King to a teenager.


Please leave a comment below I would like to know if this is right or not.